Marriage Education
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Marriage Education

For Married Parents How to conduct your life or marriage. those of you who are not married may benefit from reading it.

Marriage is God’s greatest gift to mankind to enjoy on earth. In Gen 2:18 we learn that marriage is necessary.

Things to do in Marriage:

Marriage Education
Marriage Education

1.Have a positive attitude towards each other.

2.Understand each other’s feelings.

3.Take home the work you do in your office

don’t get involved. The house belongs to the Marriage.

4.Have it together at bedtime.

5.Know when to hang up, That is, turn off or silent your phone while you sleep.

6.Your wife’s appointment or

don’t have it that your husband doesn’t know about.

7.Use preferred words, don’t say unnecessary insults.

8.For your family(Father and Mother

for you) think equally.

9.Don’t get bored of each other -get bored of each other

because it opens the way for adultery – what separates you is boredom

let it be only death, not death.

10.Take care of yourself(sleeping, eating,

personal quality, behavior, etc.).

11.Spiritual time, prayer time (preferably fasting and prayer),

have time to read the word of God together.

  1. Avoid going out with the opposite sex too often. Gen 2:18 And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone: I will make him a help meet for him.

Eph 5:21-2

Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.

Let the wife be in subjection to her husband as to the Lord*!.



13.Make time for discussion together.

14.Keep each other’s secrets.

15.Give each other various gifts.

Fill in your gaps with each other

16.A heart of forgiveness for each other


17.Don’t hide property(cattle or money) from each other.

18.Learn from your mistakes.

19.When you go to church, to the wedding

when you go, it happens where you go together

go with it everywhere.

20.When you make a decision, desire

keep yours to each other. The will of one person

don’t rely on it alone.

21.A table when you eat

eat from(eat out and come in and I

I ate and you eat so you don’t say to each other),

maybe what knows was/was waiting for you.

22.Serve together

23.Among other people, your children

and do not blaspheme one another.

Tell each other alone and fix each other

24.Have fun with each other.

  1. When you have a baby, you are better than each other

do not overestimate your child.

Without either of you

the baby would not come.

26.You interact with someone else

don’t compete

27.You are away from each other because of work

do not live apart.

28.Do not separate foreign travel,

but go with it or leave it.

  1. Let the husband know and understand the four characteristics of women:

1.A week of silence,

2.Weeks of disturbance(screaming),

3.The seven spiritual beings,

4.Care week.(where people are cared for or cared for).

30.Protect each other during sex.

31.Don’t talk about other people.

32.Don’t have evening appointments with your friends

33.Don’t leave the program you both have planned without a good reason( entertainment etc

34.Don’t take home the problems you encountered outside. Forget whatever happens to you and go home with a bright face).

35.Don’t ask for information about each other from anyone else. It will be for those who trust each other.

  1. Understand each other’s weaknesses
  2. Beware of losing sleep:- Don’t lie and say I’m tired or I’m sick.

38.Don’t fight yourself.

  1. Get rid of the bad habits you have inherited.

40.A method of blaming each other

don’t even have it.

I think you will understand a lot from this little article.Marriage is instituted by God. What God has planted, no one can destroy. So those of you who are married, know this and love each other with true love and be faithful to each other.

Read Eph 5:21 first. It would also be good to read 1 Corinthians 7:1-4

God bless you,

May His grace abound upon you, And sustain you to the end, And give you eternal life.


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