Part One of the Doctrine of Christology

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Part One of the Doctrine of Christology

The Bible clearly states that Jesus Christ is God as well as the Son of God. Not only that, but it also states that Christ is both God and man at the same time. It is important to know that these attributes of Christ are inseparable and inseparable.Although the Bible emphasizes the Lordship of Jesus, some do not believe in this true life. Let us try to look at some of these as follows.

Ebionites:-They deny the deity of Christ.

2. Gnostics :-They deny the incarnation of Jesus.

3. Ariuns :-They teach that Jesus is a creature.

4. Apollinarians :-they deny the incarnation of Christ.

5. Nestorians:- They teach that the divine is full of man.However, he has attributes

They teach that the divinity of Christ is the voice of them (the Logos) divinely transformed into humanity.

6. Eutychians: They do not accept the two attributes of Jesus. They teach that he has a third attribute.

7. Monophyites:They teach that Christ exists according to His character.They do not accept the humanity of Christ.They say that His humanity is developing and not eternal.

As we have seen above, it is possible that he understood or bought into their understanding of Jesus. However, as we tried to explain in the introduction

We can see in the Old and New Testaments that Jesus has both human and divine attributes.

The full humanity and full divinity of Jesus in the Old Testament

The Old Testament testifies of the humanity and divinity of the Messiah, Christ.
1. The Deity of Christ:the following passages of the Bible describe the Deity of Christ (Isa.7:14, 9:6-9, Jer.23:5-6, Mic.5:2, Prov.30:4, Ps .2:7,12:45:6)

2. The Incarnation of Christ:- The following texts describe the incarnation of the Savior Christ born of a woman ( Gen.3:15, 9:26,22:18,26:2-4). ,28:13-14;49:10-12,Num.24:1719,Ex.18:15-18,Isa.11:1-2;7:14,Zech.3:8;6:10-1 ;2Sam 7:12-14)

The New Testament describes the humanity of Christ more clearly than the Old Testament. Therefore, it is important to focus on the New Testament in this regard. Christ is called man because He is the Son of God and was born of man.John 1:14,1:18 ;3:16,18;Gal.4:4 Because he is the chosen messiah of God ,he is called the son of God; Matt.8:29; 27:40; 26; 63, John 1:49 11:2 The name Christ signifies His divinity, and this Christ is called the anointed Messiah. The name Jesus signifies His humanity and means Savior;it comes from Joshua.

Why it is necessary to be human( The Importance of Incarnation)

Why did Christ need to become incarnate? What it took to become a human being was to pay the price for sin. This is so that Christ died.This is because no one can die for sin because God came in the flesh and died.The incarnation died for all mankind once and for all.This happened. uu by his incarnation. Because incarnation is so necessary, Jesus became a man.

The Reason for the Incarnation

1. To strengthen the hope of salvation:-Rom.15:8-9,Matt.1:1,Isa.7:14;9:6-9;Gen.3:15,22,Mic.5:1-2
2. Fulfillment of the Law, Psalms, and Prophecy(Old Testament)
3. To fulfill the Father’s vision (John 1:14-18;14:9,16:27)
4. To destroy the devil and his kingdom.
5. To live His human life in holiness and sinlessness(Matt.11:29,1Jn.2:6,1Phil.2:21)
6. To sacrifice Himself to take away sin.
7. To make the New Testament influential.
8. For the Old Testament ministry to be fulfilled ( Prophet, Priest, King).
9. To make His return clear in the preaching plan(Dan.9:24,Rom.8:18-25,Heb.9:2728,Phil.3:12,1Cor.15:25-28).

A. The humanity of Christ ( The humanity of Christ) A. The humanity of Christ ( The humanity of Christ) A. The humanity of Christ ( The humanity of Christ)

1.Man-made birth

a. Born of a woman, as a human being ( Matt.1:18-23;2:11;Luke 1:30-33,Gal.4:4), the virgin Mary was chosen to be the mother of Jesus.
b. He was spoken of as a seed of David in the flesh Rom.1:3, Matt.1:1
c. He is the Hope of the seed of the woman ( Gen.3:15,Matt.1:23, Isa.7:14).
d. He was also known as the son of David ( Matt.15:22,Acts 13:22-23, Heb.7:14). His lineage goes back from Mary to King David of Israel.
e. He came as one of the group of Israel in the flesh ( Rom.9:5)

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